Lightning Talks

Apologies for any mis-spellings of presenter names or session titles.  Links to presentations supplied where available.  Contact the local committee via to request amendments or to supply presentations and links.

  • Julia Alexandra Goltz & Viktoria – K2 [pending]
  • Yann Nicolas – ABES & Semweb [PPTX]
  • Toke Eskildsen – Webscale for a small web [PPTX]
  • Dorota Kawecka – Public Domain [PDF]
  • Karen Coyle
  • Felix Ostrowski – RDF Transformations [PDF]
  • Matthew Phillips
  • Rurik Thomas Greenall – When the interface creates the content… [PDF]
  • Jan Polowinski – Data Management and Integration with d:swarm [PPTX]
  • Ted Lawless – Users Linking Data [PDF]
  • Leander Seige – solr fusion [PDF]
  • Owen Stephens – Spotlight on the digital [PDF]
  • Lydia Unterdörfel – ERM System based on Linked Data Technology [PDF]
  • Theodor Tolstoy – RFID Mobile quiz [PPTX]
  • Richard Wallis – Why [PDF]